Call for Challenge Sessions

Following up on the successful challenge sessions organized during, IEEE ICIP 2019 and IEEE ICIP 2020, we are organizing the 2021 Challenge Sessions with new and exciting problems that aim at engaging the image and video processing research community, industry, and practitioners.

IEEE ICIP 2021 will organize a special session where the winners present their solutions and receive a recognition certificate. The corresponding accepted papers will also be published in the IEEE ICIP 2021 Proceedings.

A proposal for Challenge Sessions must contain the following:

  • Challenge title
  • Brief introduction about the challenge
  • Significance of the Challenge
  • Rules for participation
  • Criteria of judging a submission
  • Data sets should be made available
  • Team that will run the Challenge
  • Dates (e.g., submission deadline, data available, and winner announcement)
  • Awards proposed, if any
  • Sponsorship, if any


Challenge Proposal Deadline:January 4, 2021
Challenge Acceptance Notification:February 1, 2021


All proposals shall be submitted via email to before deadline.