Call for Journal Presentations

The IEEE ICIP 2021, Anchorage, Alaska is pleased to announce journal papers presentation opportunities for recent and in-press IEEE journal papers within the ICIP scope. Journals being considered include IEEE Signal Processing Letters, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Signal Processing, and IEEE Signal Processing Magazine.

Eligible journal papers must be published in 2019, 2020 and 2021 or have been formally accepted by April 30, 2021 and pending publication. Please note that we have limited space to accommodate these presentation requests, and would like to reserve the right to grant or decline any requests at our sole discretion. Priorities may be given to recent journal papers that add value to the IEEE ICIP technical program and yet have not been presented at IEEE Signal Processing Society conferences or broadly known to the IEEE ICIP attendees, such as those from the IEEE Signal Processing Letters.

Approved requests for presentation must have one author/presenter register for the conference according to the IEEE ICIP 2021 registration instructions. Each journal paper presentation is counted as one paper/presentation in the author’s non-student registration.

To submit a presentation request, you must provide the following information about the paper(s):

  1. Title
  2. Abstract
  3. Complete Author List
  4. Journal Volume, Issue and Page Numbers (if available)
  5. DOI Number or URL to IEEE Xplore page (if available)


Journal Presentation Request Deadline:April 30, 2021
Journal Presentation Request Notification:May 19, 2021