Navigating ICIP 2021

Creating opportunities for networking, social connections, and ‘serendipitous’ meetings

ICIP 2021 was created to allow for “attendee choice” of participation styles and will be utilizing two platforms for ease of accessing content and creating virtual spaces for interaction.

Mix of Live and Asynchronous/On-demand Content

  • Live programming schedule is published for attendees to block time on their calendar
  • All papers will have a live poster session discussion, but oral video presentations and the final paper will be available for on-demand viewing throughout the virtual conference
  • Live sessions will be available for playback and on-demand viewing later on
  • Live scheduled social events and networking sessions will take place during scheduled times throughout the conference

Breakdown of content on each platform

Some of the sessions to be held live via Zoom will include tutorials, plenary talks, industry keynote talks, show and tell sessions, opening & closing ceremonies, awards, and grand challenges. There will be playbacks of these sessions called ‘Watch Parties’ to accommodate multiple time zones. You will find the Schedule and the live Zoom links within the CONFlux platform, along with pre-recorded presentations that you can view throughout the conference.

Poster sessions, exhibits, networking, and the welcome reception will take place via the Gather.Town platform, which is an avatar-based platform which allows you to walk around and interact with fellow attendees. Get oriented with a Gather.Town walk-through now.

Registered attendees will receive login credentials for the virtual conference several days prior to the first events, along with instructional materials and live onboarding opportunities.

Please see below for details on the two platforms and what will be included in each platform.

CONFlux Platform

  • View pre-recorded video presentations, slides, & posters asynchronously
  • View full schedule and access live Zoom session links
  • View recorded sessions after the live event takes place
  • Access exhibitor & patron content (flyers, video)
  • Post questions for presenters
  • View attendee profiles
  • Ability to schedule meetings with other attendees

Gather.Town Platform

  • Create an avatar and walk around a virtual conference venue to start video chats with your peers
  • Attend and engage in live poster sessions as you would in-person
  • Access exhibit hall and meet with company representatives
  • Visit networking areas during virtual coffee breaks
  • Play games and compete with other attendees
  • Attend the welcome reception & listen to live entertainment

Get oriented with a Gather.Town walk-through now.

Gather.Town Demo